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Sure Heat 900

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90,000 BTUs, multi fuel, fresh air heater, no exhaust is delivered with heated air. Brochure

Sure Heat 900 is ACSI�s newest heavy-duty portable diesel fired fresh-air space heater. Unlike conventional space heaters Sure Heat 900 does not send exhaust byproducts into the area to be heated. An internal high efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger allows combustion byproducts to exit safely via a separate ventable exhaust stack thus effectively isolating the fresh air from the combustion process. The result is fresh, safe, clean comfortable warm air. Unlike an ordinary space heater, Sure Heat 900 utilizes a true commercial grade forced air flame retention burner system for greater combustion efficiency and reliability. Sure Heat 900�s digitemp microprocessor controlled safety and temperature control system not only provides intelligent temperature control but protects the unit from elevated temperatures due to discharge constrictions or blockage. Sure Heat 900�s optional wireless remote thermostat controller allows it to automatically maintain room temperature for unrivaled comfort. An 8-inch positive �J� lock type discharge flange allows the user to attach high temperature heater duct. Heater ducts come in 15 and 25-foot lengths. Sure Heat 900 can be operated on Diesel, Kerosene, and #1 Fuel Oil, JP4 or JP8 fuel.