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Bomb Squad

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Bomb Squad


ACSI's newest line of command centers have virtually no limit to the configurations or end use. Design features start from the ground up. We build on truck, buss, and custom fire apparatus chassis as well as build trailers in house designed by our engineering team for durability and strength that guarantees longevity.

In the event of an emergency the public depends on you to be organized, efficient, and quick to respond. Having the right equipment can make all the difference from integrated surveillance to communication equipment. ACSI uses the latest technology in every aspect of the vehicles we build. In addition to having every detail of your unit customized we provide technology that will be adaptable to meet new technology as it develops.

Multi Purpose

  • Command and Conference Area
  • Communications Hub
  • Mobile Booking Units
  • Hostage Negotiations Area
  • Surveillance Unit
  • Homeland Security
  • Fire Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Operational/Briefing Area
  • Tactical Workstations
  • SWAT Response Vehicle
  • Bomb Response Vehicle

Command Centers

  • Communications Room
  • Conference Room
  • Interoperability Systems
  • Uplink/Downlink Audio, Video
  • Mast Mounted CCTV System
  • Slide-out Rooms
  • 50" Monitors w/ Multiple Inputs
  • External Workstation
  • Antenna Arrays
  • Light Tower
  • Restroom
  • Gallery


  • Commanders Desk
  • Locking Weapons Locker
  • Dual Awnings
  • Roof Platform
  • Multi-Bank Chargers
  • H.D. Storage Drawers
  • Scene Lighting
  • Exterior Gas Storage
  • Wood or Metal Cabinetry
  • Exterior Ram/Body Bunker Storage


  • Robot Ramp or Lift
  • Bomb Suit Storage
  • X-Ray Viewer
  • Charger for Robot
  • Exterior Decon Shower
  • Operator Station
  • DOT Approved Drawer Storage
  • Int/Ext Customized Storage
  • Video Recording from Robot Signal