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Current Employees

ACSI is currently not experiencing any weather related emergencies. All employees are expected to report as scheduled.

In the event of bad weather or other emergency, we will attempt to notify you if you are not to report to work. If the office is open, we expect employees to be at work. However, we ask you not to take any risks and call in if you are not able to do so safely. If you are unable to be at work due to unsafe conditions you must notify your immediate supervisor or the Human Resources department.

If you are unable to call in then use the form below to record your absence. Failure to call in or record your absence may constitute a no call, no show.

Absence form
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Water Filtration Equipment

Water Filtration Equipment

HF2 Portable 2-Stage Hydro Filtration UnitHF2 - 2 Stage

HF4 Portable 4-Stage Hydro Filtration UnitHF4 - 4 Stage

Lead Filtration Equipment

Lead Filtration Equipment

Lead Filtration UnitLSF10

Air Filtration Equipment

Portable HEPA Air Filter - Negative Pressure Air Scrubber FA2000EC

Pneumatic Portable HEPA Air Filter - Negative Pressure Air ScrubberFA2000P

Phantom Contractor Grade HEPA Air Filter - Air Scrubber -Negative Air MachinePH2000

Portable HEPA Air Filter - Negative Pressure Air ScrubberFA700

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Phone: 713-987-0336
Toll Free: 1-800-927-2271
Fax: 713-987-0355
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Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (ACSI) designs and manufactures products to address the restroom and shower trailer, homeland security, abatement, and military industries.